Club Penguin Dino Dig Cheats Strategy

Hey everyone, the focus of the Club Penguin Prehistoric Party is the new Dino Dig game and you have to play it over and over so that you can finally find all 12 Dino Eggs to get the T-Rex Hoodie.

Unfortunately, since the Dino Eggs are random, Club Penguin tends to keep giving you the same egg over and over and you have to play tens if not over 100 times to get that last egg to complete your collection! It can get frustrating, and we’re here to help with foolproof strategy on how to beat Dino Dig every time you play it! Yep, that’s right, if you follow these simple Dino Dig cheats, you’ll uncover an egg every single time you try!

The strategy is to click twice in each of the red boxes shown below on the Dino Dig game board to expose the rows and columns. Once the egg is partially uncovered, use your remaining shovels to expose it completely. Sometimes it may get exposed early and then you can choose any other squares to uncover to finish the game. Other times, it may not get exposed until the last “red box”, but you’ll still always be able to extract the egg if you follow our cheats!

dino dig cheats Club Penguin Dino Dig Cheats Strategy


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